Educational programme

Participation in Study Tour Shift awards 15EC for BSc students or 10EC for MSc students. In order to attain the credits the students will follow a course traject consisting of three different courses.

Theme Course (Q3 + Q4)

The theme course is similar to a miniature version of the research project at the end of a University of Twente bachelor. The participants conduct research in one of the tracks. These tracks will be assigned based on the preferences of the participants and will be supervised by a researcher from the chair relevant to the track. The participants will write a research paper individually and present their findings in a final presentation session.

Contract Research (Summer Break)

During the summer break, you are going to do an challenging assignment of 120 hours at a company in the Netherlands. The assignment can be very broad; for example conducting research or implementing/designing a system. This is a great way to apply all the skills you have learned during your study in a practical and professional way. Lastly, you gain a lot of work experience!

International Study Tour Preparation (Q1: weeks 1-3)

The main goal of the international study tour preparation (ISP) is learning about the cultural differences between the Netherlands and the countries that Study Tour Shift will visit. The exact contents of this course are still under development, but will consist of writing papers and doing presentations about conducted research.

Study Tour (Q1: weeks 4-7)

Before the study tour, participants will be assigned two companies on which they have to do preliminary research. This includes everything that can be found online, giving the participant a clear overview of the company, its goals and how they do their business. After the company visit during the study tour, these reports will be updated with the new information gathered during the company visits.