Even though we have tried to include all information on this website, there are still questions left unanswered. Please refer to the FAQ and contact us if you have a question that is missing below.


  • Can I join the Study Tour?
    You can join the Study Tour, if you are at least a second-year bachelor or master student (so only if you’re a first-year student you can’t join). The Study Tour is also for any member of study association Inter-Actief, so it doesn’t matter if you are a (Technical) Computer Science or Business & IT student.
  • How much will the Study Tour cost me?
    Every participant pays a participation fee of €1000. In addition, every participant will do a Contract Research assignment for 120 hours at a company, which will provide the rest of the funds needed. However, there is a possibility that a participant can work 160 hours, which reduces the participants fee to €500. However, in practice, this doesn’t happen often. Furthermore, the Study Tour is all-inclusive, which means that you have paid for all the business- and cultural activities, as well as the meals for each day of the tour.

Contract Research

  • Where will my Contract Research take place?
    We try to find companies that are close by for the participants to work. However, you may be required to travel a little in order to get to the company. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you beforehand. If you don’t want to travel, we will take this into account when choosing a CR assignment for you.
  • If I work at a company already that is willing to arrange such an assignment for me, is that possible?
    Yes, this is possible. If the company is willing to pay the agreed fee, you can do the Contract Research at that company. If you want to do this, send an email to
  • When will I do my Contract Research?
    For most participants, the Contract Research will take place during the holidays (since most students have a lot of free time then). However, if you want to do this earlier (e.g. during the fourth quartile), this is possible as well if the company agrees to this.


  • Will I get a grade for the Study Tour?
    Yes, the grade for the Study Tour module will consist of the grades for the Theme Course, the International Study Tour Preparation course (first 3 weeks of the quartile) and the company report.
  • For the Cyber Security master, I am participating in the Capstone Business Skills course (Integration Week), which takes place in the first week of the quartile. Is this possible if I want to attend the study tour?
    It is, unfortunately, still unsure how this will turn out. We will try our best to make it possible to do both the Integration Week and the Study Tour in that quartile, but at this moment it is not certain.
  • Are you able to do the study tour in your master, even when the Theme Course will be during your bachelor?
    Yes. Since the study tour itself will take place in the first quartile of 2018, the EC’s will count for your master. This does mean, however, that you will earn 10EC.


  • When will the interviews take place?
    The interviews will take place in the week of 18 december. When the applications are closed, you will receive information on the planning of your interview.
  • Will the interview be in English or can it be in my preferred language?
    If you want, the interview can be in Dutch. However, the motivational letter still needs to be in English.
  • What do I need to include in the motivational letter?
    We will grade all the letters anonymously based on how motivated you are. Basically, there are no real guidelines on what to include in the letter. You can generally write it the way you want.
  • What will the interview look like?
    The interview will take approximately 20 minutes, in which the committee will ask you questions on the various components of the study tour.
  • Is my CV/resume used for the application as well?
    No. Your CV is used to match you with a company that fits you for the Contract Research assignment. It is not used for the application, so no work experience is needed to participate in the study tour.
  • In which language should my CV/resume be?
    Your CV/resume should be in Dutch or English.

After the Study Tour

  • Is there the possiblility of travelling after the Study Tour has finished?
    Yes. After the Study Tour, there is 3 weeks left of the quartile in which you can travel further if you want. In january, the travel agency will come to the University, and talk with you about your plans to travel after the Study Tour. Keep in mind that, when returning home at the end of the quartile, you need to travel from Tokyo to Amsterdam (so if you end up somewhere else than Tokyo, you need to travel there first).
  • Is there anything expected of the participants in the last three weeks of the quartile?
    No. In the last three weeks, you are free to do whatever you want!

Theme Course

  • During the fourth quartile, I am doing my Research Project for the TCS bachelor. Is it possible to combine this with the Theme Course research of the study tour?
    Yes. You have to arrange this with your supervisor, and he/she must agree that you will doing the research for 15EC in total.
  • How much time will the Theme Course cost me?
    The Theme Course is a course of 5EC, which means it will take you approximately 140 hours. If we divide this by 20 weeks (the number of weeks in Q3 and Q4), you will work on your Theme Course for about 7 hours per week.

Study Tour

  • What is expected of me during the study tour itself?
    During the tour, every participant is expected to make a report on one of the companies we will visit. This report is partly constructed in the first three weeks of the quartile (before we are on the tour), and is completed after the visit itself. During the visit, you are expected to take notes and write down questions and answers, which will be used to complete the report.
  • Are we allowed free time during the Study Tour?
    Yes. Most evenings have no fixed programme, and sometimes you have the morning or the afternoon free as well. However, note that you are expected to participate in every visit that takes place, so keep that in mind when planning your evening activities.