Participants known!

The past months we have been busy preparing for our Tour in November this year. But all of these preparations would be pointless without the important people that we have now selected: our participants!

After reading motivational letters and having interviews with applicants, we have selected 22 participants that will join us on our journey to the United States and Brazil. We are happy to announce the following people will accompany the Committee:

  • Fedor Beets
  • Lennart Buit
  • Twan Coenraad
  • Dennis Muller
  • Joris Diesvelt
  • Jochem Elsinga
  • Richard Gankema
  • Stephen Geerlings
  • Marlène Hol
  • David Huistra
  • Marc Hulsebosch
  • Jelle Keppels
  • Jan-Harm Kuipers
  • Regie Mocking
  • Rik van Outersterp
  • Isa Pfab
  • Janina Torbecke
  • Tobias Johannes Uebbing
  • Paul Velthuis
  • Stijn van Winsen
  • Mathijs van de Zande
  • Jelte Zeilstra

We welcome all of you to the USB 14.0-team and hope you are as enthusiastic and motivated as we are. In the upcoming months we will organize a series of teambuilding activities, which aim to let us get to know our participants better, and for everybody to get to know your fellow travelers.