The start of the research is drawing near

It is time for another blog post from study tour USB 14.0. The last blog was written just  after the participants were selected and in the meantime two teambuilding activities have taken place.  We have enjoyed each others company during a drink a few weeks ago and past monday during a pubquiz. The upcoming months more activities will be planned such that the participants and the committee will get to know each other very well.

The main reason for writing this blogpost is the start of the first preparation course. At the end of April each participant will start the ‘Theme Course’; This is an individual research assignment within the theme ‘Smart Surroundings’.  The theme ‘Smart Surroundings’ has been divided into six tracks which are described in more detail here. I would like to remind all participants that next week a LaTeX course is organized (10 and 13 March) and if you have not enrolled yet, this is still possible (enroll here).

The next teambuilding activity takes place at the 25th of March and then we will give the participants of USB 14.0 more information about the first course.