Travel coordinator update

A new blog post for all of our readers. It’s a bit more than 6 months before we’re leaving and hereby an update from the travel coordinators.

First of all, we’re glad our April fool’s joke has had many positive responses. We told the participants that we would go to Las Vegas to put our money on Black or Red, because we’re currently not allowed to hand back part of the participation fee if we make a profit. The participants got a form in which they could enter their preference, Red or Black. After submitting, if the participants didn’t know already, we gave them a final hint: “April Fool’s! We are going to put the money on black anyway.” Hereby, we want to update all participants who were still in doubt: we’re not going to Las Vegas and not going to gamble with money of the study tour.

Although an April fool’s joke is fun, as travel coordinators we’re of course mainly busy with arranging everything for our trip. Some plane tickets have been reserved and now we’re mainly focusing on finding interesting companies to visit. We’re glad we can tell you, that this is going great at the moment and we’ve found several interesting companies we can visit.

Furthermore we have had several contacts with our travel agency Hemminkways to set everything up in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. A lot of participants will also use an extra interesting option we offer. Since we’re already on the American continent, it would be a waste to go back home immediately after our wonderful trip. Therefore it is possible to change the return date of your flight (which has already been paid) to a later moment, so you can have several weeks extra on this beautiful continent. Everything you do during these weeks is completely up to you, the study tour will not pay anything and has no responsibility for it. As an extra service though, we offer a presentation by Hemminkways during our next team-building activity (upcoming Thursday the 24th of April) with some possibilities to fill these weeks.