American dinners and Brazilian sports

It has been a while since our last blogpost, and a lot has happened since. Much has been going on behind the scenes: our Research Coordinator has been successfully coordinating the Theme Course, our External Affairs has been busy with the Contract Research-assignments and our Travel Coordinators are planning the very first company visits. But of course, our participants are not forgotten: we have had another two very successfull teambuilding activities!

To get in the American/Brazilian mood, we have had two activities with an American and a Brazilian edge. Both activities, though very different, were received with a lot of enthusiasm by our participants.

24th of April: Hemminkways presentation & American-style dinner
To start the evening, travel agency Hemminkways came to the University to show us some post-itinerary ideas. The pictures and stories they presented got a lot of people enthusiastic. After this presentation, we moved our group to Grillhouse ‘Wallstreet’, where we had an all-you-can-eat, American-style dinner. A lot of salads, meat and fish passed our table that evening. After everybody had finished their brownie, some people went for a drink in the city of Enschede, ending a great evening.

19th of May: Capoeira-workshop
After all the food of the last activity, it was time for some action. To get in the Brazilian mood, the committee had organized a Capoeira-workhop, a Brazilian fight-dance. After some initial restraint, everybody soon participated in the singing, clapping (sometimes at the same time, which turns out to be quite hard), dancing, fighting and even massaging.  Many comfort zones were ruthlessly taken down during the activity. However, everybody agreed it was a great teambuilding activity, and many followed our instructors to the Vestingbar, where the Berimbau (instrument used during Capoeira) emerged again.

Participant blogs
In the upcoming weeks, our participants will all post a blog to introduce themselves. Every week, another participant will introduce him/herself. This way, we can post a blog every week until our departure in November!

To give an impression, some photo’s from our latest activity:

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