Participant blog: Experiences and expectations

We’ve asked Study Tour participants to write a blog post for our website with a view on the Tour from their perspective. This week, Janina will share her expectations and experiences so far.

When I first heard about the study tour, I immediately wanted to join. Because I am only doing a master in Computer Science, this is my first and at the same time last chance to go on a study tour. Our first team building activity is already some months ago and I didn’t know most of the other participants, but this has changed during several team building activities in the last months.

Our first study tour course was the Theme Course. My assignment was to make an autonomous traffic light system which could make use wireless information gained by navigation systems. For this assignment I learned to use the simulation software SUMO and extended it with Python. The course ended with a presentation of the topic.

After a few holiday weeks in which I didn’t do much, I started working on my contract research at the University of Twente last week. It is an interesting and challenging assignment and I like the fact that I work on it together with Richard and Fedor. I have already learned a lot about the topic and I am curious about how the end product will look like.

At the moment the end of the holidays comes closer and so does our departure to the United States and Brazil. I have never been outside Europe. That’s why I am very interested in what we will see and experience during our trip. Of course I have heard a lot about North and South America, but how will it actually feel like to be there? I am particularly interested in Brazil, because I expect great differences between that country and the Netherlands, especially in terms of safety, but also how the people live there. I wonder if Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but also the other cities will meet my expectations.

I hope to learn more about Brazil and the United States in the study tour preparation course, which all participants of the study tour will follow during the next quarter. I also am curious about which companies we will visit during the study tour. Of course there are a lot of opportunities especially in Silicon Valley.

I am looking forward to making the final preparations in the next weeks and having a great trip in November.