Participant blog: My first blog post

We’ve asked Study Tour participants to write a blog post for our website with a view on the Tour from their perspective. This week, Jochem will share his expectations and experiences so far.

This is my first blog ever and in it I hope to tell all the readers a bit about what I am currently doing and what my expectations are in regard to the study tour preparations. So here goes…

Currently I am busy working on the contract research (CR) assignment that is organized by the study tour commitee. The CR is basically a short term internship at a company or university during which the participants gain some firsthand experience in the IT sector and at the same time raise money for the trip. I am doing my CR right here at the University of Twente at the Databases faculty.

At the moment I am also following the course International Study Preparation along with all my fellow study tour participants. In this course we explore the macro and meso contexts of Brazil and the USA and compare those to the Netherlands. So far we have only done a comparison between Brazil and the Netherlands in a macro context. Next week all groups will share their findings and I am very curious to learn what everyone has discovered.

While all this is going on, there are also two other study tour related things that I have been keeping myself busy with. The first is the planning of the after trip and the second is the steady realization that the start of the tour is rapidly drawing closer. Of course realizing that time is moving forward is not time consuming, however the consequences in regards to preparation do keep me busy.

Before the summer I had a nonchalant attitude towards the concrete details of the actual trip but now, as the flight from Amsterdam draws closer, I suddenly find myself worrying about all kinds of small details. Details such as what I am going to pack and what things will be important for the trip. Also, I wonder a lot about what the USA and Brazil will really be like. Of course I have seen these countries on TV and have heard stories from people but I find that with each passing day, I am looking forward to experiencing these countries and cultures for myself a little more.

As mentioned earlier I am also keeping myself busy with the planning of the after trip. I will be going on a road trip through America after the study tour together with Robin, Kasper and David. So far we do not have a fully mapped out trip yet. Everyone just keeps coming up with cool places we should visit, which is great, but is making it difficult for us to come up with what exactly we want to do. I am very excited to be going and I cannot wait to see all there is to see.

All in all there is currently a lot going on, which should not be surprising considering the start of the tour is drawing so close. I still feel like there is a lot to do. However all this work and preparation building up to the study tour feels very worth it, and I for one cannot wait to get started on the study tour.