Participant blog: diving into the last preparations

We’ve asked Study Tour participants to write a blog post for our website with a view on the Tour from their perspective. This week, Jan Harm will share his expectations and experiences so far.

As I write this blog and look out of the window, I see a rainy day in the fall. Winter is coming, but not for me. Because in only a few weeks I will be enjoying the nice warm climate in the US and Brazil.

But before I get to enjoy the warmer climate  a lot of final preparations still have to be done. One of these preparations is getting my SSI Open Water divers certification. Because after the trip Jeroen, Richard and me are going diving on Ilha Grande. We chose to go diving because we wanted to do something active and neither of us has ever dived before. Besides that diving is, as I discovered, quite fun, diving in Brazil should be even more fun because of the different climate, wildlife and visibility underwater. Diving in the Netherlands can be a bit cold though, so after my final diving sessions in the chilly waters over here, I can’t wait to jump in the warmer waters in Brazil.

While my after trip will be in Brazil I’m also very excited about going to the US. After all these movies, series, books and news about the US I took in over time, it is finally time to see the “greatest nation on earth” for myself. While in LA, I also hope to visit my former flatmate who’s doing an internship over there and might have some interesting tips and recommendations about things to do in LA.

While the diving courses are one of the more enjoyable preparations, other smaller things also need to be done. Applying for a credit card, getting all the necessary insurance and buying some travel stuff. At the same time the deadlines for the ISP and, in my case, International Business courses are piling up. So keeping your head cool and focussing on the white beaches of Brazil is essential to finishing the preparations smoothly. Fortunately, the International Business and ISP courses appear to be one elaborate course on the same subject, which somewhat reduces the workload.

As the date of departure draws near, the level of excitement, but also the stress level, increases. But when the plane touches down in LA and the concerns about new room-mates burning down the house are suppressed, I am sure the study tour will be awesome.