Participant blog: It’s getting close

We’ve asked Study Tour participants to write a blog post for our website with a view on the Tour from their perspective. This week, Isabel will share her expectations and experiences so far.

So far, it has been an fun but fast-paced time full of research, work and getting to know our fellow study trip members. Now, there are mere 27 days left to our departure, we are vaccinated, insured, and after we finished our current courses there’s basically nothing left but to pack our suitcases and start the adventure.

We received a draft of our Tour Guide from the travel coordinators this week. Before that, the trip still seemed far away. Seeing the exact dates and times of our flights as well as concrete plans made it suddenly very real. I am extremely excited about our program. My personal highlights:

San Francisco
We will spend six days in this legendary city. As we will arrive on a weekend, we have the opportunity to explore the city before the serious part of the tour begins. Definitely on my to-do list are riding a cable car and walking along the Golden Gate Bridge!

After the first two weeks on the trip, we will take a weekend off to spend time on the beach at Ubatuba. Wikitravel describes Ubatuba as ‘true paradisiac area’, as it is predominantly covered by rainforest and hosts around 80 stunning beaches.

Rio de Janeiro
I have wanted to visit Rio de Janeiro for a long time, so this is one of the locations I am looking forward to the most. Rio is famous for being a vibrant city with an amazing landscape and beautiful beaches, as illustrated by this time lapse video by All That Is Interesting.

Apart from the amazing places we will see, I am also growingly excited and curious about the company visits. In the course ‘International Study Preparation’ we researched the countries we will visit theoretically – soon we will be able to see how our results relate to reality! Only a few visits were revealed so far, so it stays exciting!