Participant blog: Deadlines, eBay and Sinterklaas

We’ve asked Study Tour participants to write a blog post for our website with a view on the Tour from their perspective. This week, Twan will share his expectations and experiences so far.

This week it’s all about deadlines. Even when I’m in the bus to Groenlo this Friday morning, I’m working on all these little things that all have their own moment to finish. Not only this blog post has to be written, but at the same moment we are working on a bridge building game for Functional Programming (in just one week and a bit) and at the same time we have to deliver for the International Studies Project a revision and individual report. And in the same week, two tests for International Business have to be learned for.

You can conclude that the end of this quartile is coming. And indeed, for me it’s just one more week of hard working, before a little break of one-and-a-halve week follows till we take off for our study tour. Little by little the start is drawing near and finishing all those courses supports that feeling. The Theme Course ended for me just a month ago after my final attempt was accepted, the first part of the International Studies Project was finished and we got our vaccinations. Well, in a week all deadlines are over, so it will then be time to relax, organize the last things and prepare!

I’ve already started that exhaustive preparation: I have worked on a large stock of gadgets to take with me. On eBay I bought a USB charger to charge simultaneously 5 devices, two power banks, an external Bluetooth speaker, a Brazilian SIM card (to put in a MiFi router), a SIM card from the United Kingdom (which was unfortunately not working, so I asked for another one) and I’m still waiting for an SJ4000 (for action videos) and another power bank (you can’t have enough energy with you). Thanks to our Chinese friends, you never know all of that will arrive. So much stuff to take with me, I hope it fits ;-)

I’m really looking forward to this all happening. I never have been that far away for such a long time! It’ll be great, given the companies and places we’re about to visit. Even though we’ll have to miss many, many great activities organized by my favourite study association :( To end this blog post and to answer a question Jelte asked before: we will celebrate our own Sinterklaas, even when on study tour. Whatever happens!