Daily blog: 5 November

Every day, we will publish a blog about our activities and experiences during the Tour, written by different participants. To start it off a couple of days early, the first blog is for Rien Heuver, Chairman of Inter-Actief.

One more day until the official goodbye drink and three more until the very early morning when everyone departs. That’s the way we see it right now. In three more days 28 members of our association will be gone for quite a while. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing, but let me elaborate on that.

Study tours are a very big and important part of Inter-Actief. One of the goals of Inter-Actief is to stimulate the knowledge in computer science and its business applications. According to our articles of association we try to accomplish this by, amongst others, organizing excursions and keeping good contacts with the computer science industry. If there is one thing at our study association helping us reach that goal, it’s definitely this study tour. In short: the entire paragraph about the study tour committee in our by-laws is there for a reason.

Besides these clear, defined reasons why it is of such importance, we of course value this tour on other levels too. This tour is a very good way to broaden your horizon, since it involves so many different aspects of your study but also of working in general. Lots of cooperation was involved in the preparations of this tour, quite some report-writing and of course the contract research. A great way of learning new things and with it gathering some credits for your study.

Clearly, though mentionable, this tour was organized by a skillful committee. Over the past one and a half year they have spent loads of time on preparing this study tour. With a total of 62 meetings so far they surely have been busy: fixing the courses and reports, realizing CR-assignments, keeping the books in order and of course organizing the programme for the tour itself. This team has done a great job so far and I bet it will proof itself worthwhile.

Like I said, the departure Saturday carries along some bad sides too, but don’t take that too heavily. This study tour takes 28 of our members to the other side of the world, while quite a couple of those members are of great importance to Inter-Actief. For the coming few weeks, 6 committees of our association will be missing valuable members, and those committees are even so valuable to us. I guess we will see this as a great opportunity to find out how well we can cope without these people.

I think I made my point clear now. This study tour will, I think, be worth the preparations and the time and surely we, Inter-Actief, value it highly. But we will also miss the members that will go on study tour and we will be very happy to see them return. So have fun out there and return home safely!