Daily blog: 6 november

While the final preparations of the study tour are being made, the realization that our study tour is only hours from departure is ever more present. Where over one year ago our destination was yet to be determined, we now stand on the verge of an amazing journey that will result in lifelong, spectacular memories.

It was little more than a year ago that the study tour committee, a group of six enthusiastic students determined to organize an amazing, 3-week tour, discussed our possible destinations. This resulted in a premiere by visiting two continents in one tour for the first time: Study Tour USB 14.0 would visit the United States and Brazil. Many of us know a lot about the United States. With its culture being well-represented in Hollywood movies and covered in many news stories, its culture and highlights might be known best around the world. However, a study tour opens doors that would normally stay closed. Next to that, we will be visiting Brazil, which has a very different culture from both the US and the Netherlands. Clearly, this tour will bring us to both the very well-known and the mysterious unknown.

The study tour is a unique, amazing and challenging project. With a turnover that well exceeds 100.000 euros, it is primarily organized by a committee or students in their spare time. On top of that, our 22 highly motivated participants put in a lot of effort by performing research and acquiring the funding. This tour is the result of the hard work of both the committee and the participants of this tour. Therefore I would like to compliment and thank all students and supervising professors involved in this tour.

With the preparations for the tour nearly finished, there is nothing left to do but to depart for this adventure and to see what the (business)culture in the USA and Brazil have in store for us!