Daily blog: 7 november

With less than ten hours left for the study tour, I have yet to fully pack my bags. The past few days have been filled with the last preparations for the study tour: not only as as a student who leaves the Netherlands for almost two months, but also as a committee member who has to complete his last tasks.

One of my final tasks was to deliver the book, shown below, to all participants. The preliminary report contains, as the name implies, all the research that the participants have worked on in the past several months . The research courses of the study tour started already in April this year, and the final course isn’t even finished yet. This shows how much work the participants have done; our preliminary report contains over 470 pages!


The name study tour already tells us that a study tour is much more than a relaxing holiday to a warm, far-away country. No, also during the study tour there is a study aspect involved. Namely, the participants are required to write a report about the companies that we are going to visit. These reports will explain how the companies, universities and research institutes contribute to the understanding of our theme Smart Surroundings. Fortunately, there is more than enough spare time left to explore San Francisco, Los Angeles, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. And on top of that, everyone decided to stay at least a week longer in Brazil or elsewhere to truly feel the holiday feeling that (I think) everyone craves after almost four exhausting weeks.

I would love to talk more about all the great things that we are going to do during the study tour, but I still have to pack my bags. Let’s see if I can stay under the 23 kg + 10 kg luggage limit, which is actually not that much. Anyway, see you in two months!