Daily blog: 22 November – Ubatuba: Sun, Sand, Sea and… Rain!

So, since all you readers know our program by heart or check every day what our planning is, I don’t need to tell you that this day was a day of spare time at Ubatuba!

The party at the hostel last night was so good that this day didn’t really started until 11 ‘o clock this morning. Everybody slept in and not everybody was completely sober when waking up. Luckily we had a whole day of sun, sand and sea ahead of us. So as soon as everybody was awake enough, we hopped on our bus and drove to a place to swim. During the bus drive, we had lovely views of Brazil. The hills, the vegetation on the hills, the beaches and the high waves in the sea were lovely to see. Luckily for the almost carsick people, we stopped at a certain point along the highway. I personally was surprised, I could not see any beach or sea as we were a few hundred meters above sea level!
The place we stopped at was recommended by Luís, who has been at the area many times when he was young. We had to walk down from the road on a muddy, steep and improvised slippery sand path towards a lovely waterfall. It took some time to get down, but it was totally worth it! At the waterfall, everybody got into the water and enjoyed the surroundings. With all the rocks we had to climb over and of course the waterfall itself it was truly a place you will never find in the Netherlands. We stayed there for a few hours and then we all walked back to the road.


So, having arrived back on the road, Luís asked for directions to a beach close by. After several different directions which did not all seem too trustworthy, we walked down the road until a sign showed up which we did trust. From there it was a nice walk down to a beach. A beach might sound simple, we have those in the Netherlands too. Except for these waves, they ran up to two meters high! For the people in the water, is was not just a simple nice swim, it was a challenge to keep standing up straight. Or a nice search for the best waves to fall into. And on the sand, where everybody was relaxing after the swim, it was also visible that we were not at home. For example, we got to drink from a coconut! How awesome is that?

So, after we enjoyed the beach, we walked back to the road and went on our way back to the hostel because we would have another Brazilian barbecue at seven ‘o clock. Of course, we should have encountered that a Brazilian seven ‘o clock is slightly different from a Dutch seven ‘o clock. Around half past eight, they finally began lighting the barbecue and the meat began coming through a bit later. Just in time, as everybody was extremely hungry at that time!
You already know something about a Brazilian barbecue in a restaurant. This one was a bit different, but just as great. The organizer had about 30 kilograms of meat and no side dishes at all. Dinner with only meat is something you can’t imagine happening in the Netherlands and everybody loved it. Every piece of meat that came from the barbecue was sliced up in nice little pieces and passed around so everybody could get a small bite until 5 minutes later the next bite came along. This took until about 12 o’ clock. I guess we all can get used to this life!

Oh, and you might wonder why the title says “Sun, Sand, Sea and… Rain”? This is because everytime we tried to get out or into the bus, it started to rain! Sometimes small drops, but the first time they almost hurt! Luckily we were able to find shelter under the road for the moment the rain lasted and it was dry with even some sun at the beach! So it was a great first day off in Brazil!