Daily blog: 23 November – Back to Busness

This Sunday is a day most people would probably like to forget. Fortunately, we have a blog to remind them of the day we spent fighting traffic.

After a successful Saturday night during which we continued our integration with the people of our hostel (and a local rugby team) and had a great second Brazilian barbecue, most people woke up in the early afternoon on a cloudy Sunday morning. Some people had woken earlier to follow surfing lessons at 10 am. However, soon they were once again confronted with the different meaning of the words ‘on time’ in Ubatuba (which is probably an unknown expression there). After waiting for over an hour, two surfergirls were still up for the challenge.

For the rest, the departure time of 3 pm was soon reached after they had breakfast with an Americano at a local bakery. The planned travel time of about 3 hours would soon turn out to be nowhere near to realistic, as we had only traveled about 15 kilometres after that timespan. Apparently, the whole of Sao Paulo had come to that region for the weekend and was now trying to get back home following the same two-lane road. So we filled our – what turned out to be – 11-hour trip to Sao Paulo with some well-deserved sleep, accompanied by the escalatiemix. We did make a pittstop at Sao José dos Campos late in the evening to get some dinner at a great restaurant that was about to close (sorry crew).

When we arrived at the hostel in Sao Paulo at about 1 am, everybody quickly found their way to their beds, since the next day would be another day filled with company visits!