Daily blog: 28 November – El Rio!

Today, our first day in Rio de Janeiro, started rough. A lot of people couldn’t do their laundry during the last week so some people tried to do so this morning, which was again not possible. Besides that the breakfast started a half hour later than expected and the bus driver was at the wrong place. This resulted in us being late at the company. But enough with the complaining.

We visited a company called ONS. This company regulates the power grid in Brazil and makes sure that there is no power blackout in Brazil. There we had a talk about how Brazil organises its electricity. The ONS does not own the energy production market, also it is a non profit organisation. The company needs to talk with the market to buy the electricity and talk with the companies who own the cables to make sure that the energy arrives at the customer. Besides that we had a talk about big data.  The company needs to analyse a lot of data to make sure that the power supply to the customer is as good as possible. We also visited the control room inside the building. This room was super modern and has everything inside to control the power grid.

After the company visit we had lunch nearby which was delicious. There was delicious meat and the salad was good. After the lunch we went go to the Federal University of Rio da Janeiro, unfortunately the bus was not there again which reminded us again that a lot of things in this country take time. When the bus arrived we went to the university, luckily due to some good planning we were on time. At the university we heard a presentation about smart spaces. Besides that we talked about an IoT system they had developed. This system is called ecodif. The system helps synchronising different devices. In this way we can have an internet of things. Multiple devices can be synchronised with each other using this system so it collects and presents data from multiple sources. After that we had a small talk about the emergency systems they develop. For example, they talked about a system to react fast on fires in cities or other emergencies such as a flood.

When it was half past five we took our bus back to the hostel. When we arrived at the hostel we could choose to go to the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Sugar Loaf gives a great view of the city and is a beautiful place to watch the sunset. It was located relatively close to the hostel and the top is reachable by cable car. We decided to go and even though it was a bit cloudy it was still amazing to have such a nice view of Rio de Janeiro. After watching the sunset we ended the evening with a nice dinner and a view beers to celebrate a great first day in Rio de Janeiro.

IMG-20141201-WA0006 IMG-20141201-WA0008 IMG-20141201-WA0009