Daily blog: 30 November – Maracana

Sunday the 30th started of as a nice sunny day in Rio de Janeiro. Most people used this as a good excuse to visit the beach only 100 meters away. Sadly, the sun was quickly replaced by a lot of clouds. This however, did not mean that you can’t get sunburned, something some people would find out later that day by being all red (not only Stephen this time).

In the afternoon, half of us went to a football match between Fluminense and Corinthian in the Maracana football stadium, the stadium where amongst others the final of the world cup was played six months ago. The match was part of the second to last round of competition matches, and therefore both teams had little to gain, as the champion of the league was already crowned last week. Although this resulted in only 15% of the stadium being full, the atmosphere and the game were still great. It seemed that almost half of the 20.000 supporters cheered for the opponent.

The game itself had a fast start with a goal after 5 minutes, but it took the rest of the first half to get back to 1-1. The second half was absolutely crazy however, with 3 penalty’s, of which one was missed, 1 red card, a coach being sent off and an additional 5 goals being added, resulting in a 5-2 end result.

On the way back we decided to take the metro, for around 3 real, or 1 euro, for a long ride home. In the metro we were treated to what we think can be described as a real-life soap opera. Two other passengers were singing, playing guitar and dancing alternated by loud acting, right in the middle of the metro. It made the long ride home very interesting and worthwhile. Luckily for most people, the late game in combination with the relatively slow metro caused us to return at the hostel after dark, which meant no more bathing in the sun. No other soul would be able to turn red this day.