USB 14.0

The United States and Brazil 2014 (USB 14.0) Study Tour is a study tour organized by the University of Twente I.C.T. Study Association Inter-Actief.  Using the theme “Smart Surroundings” as a guide, we aim to get an impression of different cultures and learn about the differences and similarities of these cultures with our own.  We also aim to discover more about Smart Surroundings by visiting high tech companies and universities.

Every two years a Study Tour is organized by Inter-Actief. Previous destinations included China, South-Korea, the USA, Japan and India.

Study Tour

A Study Tour is a tour organized by and for students from the studies Computer Science and Business & IT at the University of Twente. In preparation of a Study Tour, several researches will be conducted by the participants. All of the research performed in relation to the Study Tour will be based on our theme Smart Surroundings. Smart Surroundings, a term created at the University of Twente, concerns systems which interact with their surroundings, often with the goal of supporting humans with specific tasks.

This research includes the following elements:

  •  A general analysis of the United States and Brazil, comparing cultural differences and similarities, and comparing these to the Netherlands.
  • A meso-analysis about the different tracks within the theme and their relation to the USA and Brazil.
  • Research about a specific subject that applies to one of the research tracks.

The results of these researches will be combined in two books.

The Committee

Our Committee consists of 6 Bachelor- and Masterstudents in Computer Science or Business & IT. With this Committee, we hope to make USB 14.0 a great success. Contact the entire committee at


Jeroen Monteban
Chairman –

Hello, my name is Jeroen Monteban and I have the honours of leading this Study Tour as Chairman. I am a 3rd-year Business & IT-student and want to expand my experiences by being a part of the committee organizing Study Tour USB 14.0.

After my year on the board of tennis club T.C. Ludica, I was looking for a new challenge, which I found in the Study Tour Committee. Organizing a 24-day trip for 30 people to North- and South-America is indeed a huge challenge, but I am enjoying every moment so far and can’t wait to see what the upcoming year will bring us.

As Chairman, I will be leading the committee, overview all activities and keep contact with our participants. Naturally, I will support my committee wherever needed. This way, I hope to make sure everything will go as planned and everybody, participants as well as the committee and supervisors, will enjoy this once-of-a-lifetime experience to the fullest.

I can’t wait for our departure in November 2014 and hope you will join us in the United States and Brazil with USB 14.0!

11169943795_26b28e8a66_k_dTanja de Jong
Treasurer –

Hi, my name is Tanja de Jong and I am the treasurer of the study tour committee. I am currently 21 years old and a fourth year Computer Science student. During my time as a student I have already spent time in several committees of Inter-Actief and I now mostly focus on finishing my bachelor and organizing this study tour.

For the study tour, I’m responsible for everything related to money. So far, I have mostly been working on our estimation and from now on I’ll have to make sure that we have enough money on our account to pay for everything in time. During the tour I will make sure all bills are paid and all receipts are kept for accounting. After the tour has ended, I will make a balance to monitor how much was spent in comparison to the estimate.

I’m looking forward to our time in the United States and Brazil, since I have always wanted to visit America some day and I am curious to find out more about all the companies and universities we will be visiting there. Furthermore, I am interested in learning what the United States and Brazil can offer us on IT and smart surroundings. Altogether, I have no doubt that it will be a great experience!

11169948485_b082024235_k_dKaspar Hageman
Research Coordinator –

My name is Kaspar Hageman and I am the research coordinator of USB 14.0. Currently I am studying the master Telematics and I have roughly one and a half year of studying left on the University of Twente.

Two years ago I left the Netherlands for three weeks for the previous study tour of Inter-Actief. The experience of traveling to China and South Korea left a great impression on me and as soon as I heard that Inter-Actief was looking for new committee members, I immediately responded.

As research coordinator I am responsible for most education related tasks and mainly make sure that the participants of USB 14.0 finish their preparation courses successfully. Besides that, I arrange supervisors who guide the participants in their research and grade the research. After the research has been performed, a book will be created of all the reports and papers. This way participants have a great memory of the study part of the study tour.

I can hardly wait to see how different the United States of America and Brazil are compared to our small country. I expect it to be completely different from anything I have ever experienced and am looking forward to November 2014!

11169967736_90079b3873_k_dRobin ten Buuren
Funding and Contract Research –

My name is Robin ten Buuren and I manage the external affairs and funding of the study tour. I am a first year master Computer Science student, following the Software Engineering track. After joining study tour Noodle in 2012 to South-Korea and China, I was determined to experience the next study tour as well. Yet this time not as a participant, but really challenging myself and organize (with the others) such a big and wonderful study tour.

So what is it that I should be doing? I make sure there is enough money for the study tour. This is done by Contract Research (for more information see the other tab on the website) and sponsorships. My main responsibility is finding a Contract Research assignment for each of the participants, thereby creating enough income for the study tour. This is done by contacting different companies in the Netherlands and trying to convince them to hire a participant for an assignment that they have available.

Since I have already experienced a study tour, I am familiar with the concept. However what I was told from previous participants and committees is that study tours can never be compared. The only thing both Noodle 2012 and USB 14.0 will have in common for sure, is that every participant and committee member will remember them for the rest of their lives.

11169962495_4e34aeb22a_k_dJochem Verburg
Travel Coordinator –

My name is Jochem Verburg and I’m currently in the third year of my bachelor Business & IT. I always wanted to go abroad during my university years and this study tour is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Together with Jeroen Vollenbrock, I will be travel coordinator of this study tour. In close cooperation we are responsible for company and university visits, cultural activities and of course also flights and accommodation.

I look forward to arrange some great company visits to find out about the great IT developments in the USA and Brazil. We will be very busy during the tour, so hopefully we will still be capable of fully experiencing these great countries and their cultures.

11169971765_8065b13010_k_dJeroen Vollenbrock
Travel Coordinator –

Hello! My name is Jeroen Vollenbrock, I am currently attending my third year of the bachelor Computer Science. During the past years, I have spent a decent amount of time attending various committees of our study association Inter-Actief.

Together with Jochem Verburg, I will be one of the Travel coordinators of the tour. We will be organizing the actual tour, including it’s visits, activities, flights and accommodation.

I think this study tour offers great opportunities for those wanting to discover foreign countries and their cultures and may even help to define your perspective of the different ways computer science is applied. I am really looking forward to the study tour and hope it will be a life-changing experience.