Contract Research

To fund the study tour we require each participant to pay a fee of 1000 Euros and perform a 120 hour (15 full time days) work assignment at a company. This is what we call contract research. You conduct research, perform a practical assignment, or something else that is desired by the companies. Most of the time it is a more practical assignment like programming.

How does this work?

For you as a participant, preparing contract research does not require much work, other than handing in your Curriculum Vitae and discussing the assignment with the company. To make things as clear as possible, the process looks like this:

  1. With your application, you submit your Curriculum Vitae
  2. We find companies that have assignments available for students
  3. We try to find the best match between your CV and the available companies
  4. Once we find such a match, you discuss the assignment with the company
  5. Upon agreement, you start working for the company

It is simple as that.

How do I know when a match has been made?

We will inform you by e-mail when we think we found a company that you could work for. As said before, you will then have to discuss the work with the company. It is difficult to say when you will receive this e-mail, as it takes quite some time for us to match all the curricula vitae to companies.

When do I perform contract research?

You have to perform contract research before the study tour so that it can be paid for. There are several moments that are suited to perform CR:

    • In Q3 and/or Q4, by working one day per week for example
    • Three weeks full time in the beginning of the summer vacation

New Option

Instead of working only 120 hours, you can opt for a 160 hour assignment. If the companies have these available, you are a good match and we can get an agreement, your attendee fee gets reduced.

Part time job?

Since (almost) all of you will  be working for a commercial company, there might be the option for continuation of the employment after the 120/160 hours of contract research have been completed.  This will probably result in a reduced rate, and is beyond our responsibility. We  just ask the different companies for the possibilities and the contract research is our major concern.