Company visit: What to expect?

First of all, the terms company and company visit are used most of the time, but please keep in mind that a company could also be a research institute, university or other kind of organization which might or might not be for-profit.

During a company visit we would like to find out more about your company in general, but also about the company’s activities within our Theme: Smart Surroundings. It would be great if at least part of the tour is dedicated to one of our theme’s specific tracks: Energy Efficiency, Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicles, Modern Human Input Devices, e-Commerce, or Big Data and Security.

For us it is very important that the visit is not a marketing event, but goes into (technical) depth. All participants are eager to get to know about your company in depth, we would really like to learn something about the technology you are using or developing.

What is in it for my organization?
Of course it is fun to show what you’re doing within your organization and what you do within our theme. You will get exposure within a group of highly educated people from Europe, and if you do it well, also within their social networks. If you want even more exposure, you can also contact us to talk about further collaboration options.

Besides this, our participants are a group of very motivated and highly educated people who have done research on the field in which you operate. Therefore they can ask in-depth questions and you could also use this opportunity to gain an insight from a completely different perspective.

All conducted activities and discoveries will be included in our final report. Of course we will also send you a copy as soon as it’s finished. If certain bits of information you share with us are confidential, we can sign a ‘non-disclosure-agreement’. Of course, we will also keep this information out of our report, and we will ask you to review the report before it’s published.

What should we do or show during a company visit?

Company presentation - The students will have prepared the visit to your company and will probably have found out several things about your company on the internet or through other sources. But when we are there, you have the opportunity to engage in a more interactive way and tell something about the company yourselves. Of course, Google for example does not have to tell us they have a search engine and tell us what other services they all have, but you might tell something which we probably did not find out yet. It is also a good moment to tell about your connection to the theme in depth.

Presentation of research results - Some students may have researched your company or your field of interest and some students have done research on the corresponding track. They would like to present their outcomes. Besides this, one of the professors can give a short introduction of the University of Twente.

Company tourYou can tell us what your company looks like, but you can also show us. Take us on a tour through the building or campus to show us your several departments. Maybe some employees would even like to tell or show us what they do.

Product demonstration - People can listen to you talk all day, but it will be even better if you show them something. If your company does some really interesting things within the theme, please show us! If you really want all participants to remember the day, involve them. Ask us to use a product which is still in beta testing for example.

Case - Is your company working on an idea and do you want a fresh view on the subject, feel free to ask us. You can let the participants work on a case your company recently faced, fresh ideas from 28 students may give a new interesting point of view to problems.

Lunch and/or dinner - We will be active all day and get hungry, so depending on the moment we will visit your organization, we could sure use some food. This is a great moment to talk with all participants in an informal way, you could also let the participants mix with employees to get some interesting conversations going.

Be creative! - These examples are definitely not the only options. If you want us to really remember the day, don’t be scared to do something different. Do you think something is interesting for us, we look forward to discussing the possibilities.

How to continue?
Are you interested in one or more of the above options or do you have any questions regarding this information? Please do not hesitate to contact us at