Study Tour USB 14.0 is planned from November 8th till December 2nd and will visit the United States and Brazil. The tour will start in San Francisco, with a good connection to the companies in Silicon Valley. After a short visit to Los Angeles, USB 14.0 will head for São Paulo, to finish in Rio de Janeiro. The tour schedule might change several times before our departure in cooperation with companies, but an indication of the amount of days in every city will be given.

During the study tour we will visit a great number of universities, companies and other institutions, where we will try to verify our research results. This research will be done in the months preceding the tour itself. We research both the theme and the culture of the countries. Have a look to see what our theme Smart Surroundings is about and go to our page about company visits if you want to know whether your company could provide an interesting visit. Please contact us at for more information.

We will go from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then go on to Brazil.San Francisco

The tour will start with about seven days in San Francisco. Every person in IT dreams of visiting the great companies in Silicon Valley, so this start offers great opportunities for company visits, to find out about the newest developments within our theme. After a day of visiting companies, we will probably stay in San Francisco to spend the night in this amazing city.

Los Angeles

The next stop of our tour is Los Angeles, where we will spend about four or five days. To explore the second-most populous city in the United States in these days, we will have to use these as effective as possible. With Hollywood being the world leader in the entertainment industry, it will definitely be possible to use our time effectively by combining study and entertainment in several of these great companies.

São Paulo

We will come in at São Paulo, then finish at Rio de Janeiro.

After these magnificent days in the United States, it is time to have a look at the Brazilian culture and developments. We will visit São Paulo and its surroundings for about seven days. The largest city of Brazil is home to several important research and development facilities, next to possible visits to these institutions, it also attracts a lot of companies.

Rio de Janeiro

The last, approximately, five days of our trip will be spent in probably the most iconic city of Brazil. Besides offering many options for cultural activities, it can be very interesting to see how this city and its companies are getting ready for the Olympic Games in 2016. Its many educational institutions also offer a lot of possibilities.