Board of Recommendation

The following people acknowledge the importance of international educational tours such as Study Tour USB 14.0, and support USB 14.0. To endorse this position they took place in the Board of Recommendation.

brinksmaProf. dr. H. Brinsma
Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente.





denoudstenMr. P.E.J. den Oudsten
Mayor of Enschede (location of the University).





PiresDr. L. Ferreira Pires
Programme Director of the Business Information Technology Bachelor and Master at the University of Twente.
 R. Langerak
Director of Education of Technische InformaticaComputer Science and Telematics at the University of Twente.




Feng Ling

Prof.dr. Feng L.
Professor of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University.

In 2012, Study Tour Noodle visited the Tsinghua University and were guided by Prof. Feng.



Seo OhDr. H. Seo Oh
Head of Vehicle Networking Research Team at ETRI Korea.

In 2012, Study Tour Noodle visited ETRI Korea and were guided by Dr. Seo Oh.