Why should you join?

A study tour is in our opinion a great experience and we recommend you to enroll, but if you are still not sure whether to join, this page will try to persuade you even more. So why should you join? Nobody can answer this question better than those who already experienced a study tour. So we asked a couple of Noodle (the previous Inter-Actief study tour) participants to explain why somebody should participate in a study tour. Below you will find their responses. If you are convinced you should join, go to the enrollment procedure.

Nils van Kleef, travel coordinator of study tour Noodle 2012

I have participated in the Pixel 2010 study tour to the United States and was travel coordinator for China with Noodle 2012. Preparing for a study tour is hard work, but the entire process and the tour itself are some of the most memorable experiences of my life.

 The formal part including visits to big companies and universities allows you to enjoy their unique atmospheres and gives you the feeling of being somewhere where important and exciting things are created, while the smaller companies have a more personal story in store for you. Disney, nVidia, MIT, Microsoft, Valve in the US or some of the most prestigious universities in Korea and China, and companies such as Alibaba are some of the visits of previous tours.

 Visiting The Lion King on Broadway with 30 people fully suited up, joining Psy’s performance of Gangnam Style in front of 100,000 Koreans going crazy in the middle of Seoul, drinking champagne on a boat among the nightly city lights in the harbor of Hong Kong… Who knows what lifetime worthy experiences a study tour to the United States and Brazil might give you?

 Whether it’s this or the many and going places with a new group of friends, I fully recommend going on a study tour as an awesome way of visiting another part of the world. That’s what your student life is for!

Rom Langerak, supervisor of study tour Pixel 2010, Noodle 2012 and Director of Education for Technische Informatica, Computer Science and Telematics

A study tour means that you visit far away countries where you normally wouldn’t come so likely. On such a study tour you will see how Computer Science is used in surprisingly new ways.

A study tour means that you properly prepare yourself, on new cultures, as well as the technical developments in the field of Computer Science.

A study tour means that you finally know why you are studying. It also means hard work to get everything done.

A study tour means an unforgettable experience, and that you get to know your fellow students in a very different way.

A study tour means investing a lot of time and money. But you will get a lot in return.

Life is simply too short not to join a study tour!

Luís Ferreira Pires, Director of Education for Business & IT

In 2003 I participated in the ‘Samba Study Tour’ as one of the supervisors. In this Study Tour we visited many places in Brazil, around the cities of São PauloBelo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. This was an experience that none of the participants will ever forget, and this holds for students and supervisors!
The theme of that Study Tour was Virtual Reality, and we visited many universities and companies that had something to do with this theme. For example, we visited the plane factory of Embraer in São José dos Campos, where they use virtual reality to impress the future buyers of their airplanes. In between the ‘serious visits’ we also had a lot of fun. We went to the wonderful beaches of Ubatuba, drove with a bus in the Formula 1 circuit of Interlagos and visited football matches at the Morumbi and Maracanã stadiums.
The USB 14.0 Study Tour has all the ingredients to be an amazing experience. We are going to visit the US in the first half of the tour, and Brazil in the second half. This will give us the opportunity to observe the technological and cultural differences between these two countries, visit of a lot of nice places, and meet a lot of interesting people.
I don’t think I need to say more to persuade you to participate!

Jurriën Wagenaar, participant of study tour Noodle 2012
New experiences abroad: putting theory into practice

Joining a study tour is a one-of-a-kind experience. It combines two nice things: going abroad and acquiring study credits. At first it seems like these two things do not go along very well: trying to get some study credits when you are on holiday usually turns out to be awful. Inter-Actief’s study tours have proven the opposite: through a preliminary research, you know the ins and outs of the areas you are going to visit. This enriched the study tour experience for me: I learned a lot of the countries beforehand, so I noticed much more while just walking around. Throw away your Lonely Planet and be your own guide.

Besides visiting companies, the study tour’s itinerary consists of a lot of cultural activities: from visiting tourist hot spots and enjoying the local cuisine to participating in a class to experience traditional rituals. There is also time to go your own way, because there are several free days in the itinerary. Most evenings are also free, so depending on how early the programme the next day starts, you can enjoy having a beer and discover the local night life. And don’t forget to extend your trip!

In conclusion: a well-shaped tour to get the most out of a visit to another country and enough free time to go your own way. Obtaining study credits at its best!

P.S. Do not really throw away the Lonely Planet.