Courses overview

The preparation courses for the study tour are divided into four 5 EC courses. Depending on your study progress/planning you can earn up to 20 EC. The prepartion courses start in the fourth quarter of 2014 with the ‘Theme Course’ (see picture below). In the first quarter of the year 2014-2015, the courses ‘International Business’ and ‘International Studies Preparation’ are given. The study tour itself will take place in the 2nd quarter and will return before the exam weeks, so participants are able to take resit exams.


A more detailed description of the four courses is given below.

Theme course (5EC, Q4 2013-2014)

This course is an individual research project which is performed under supervision by faculty members. The topic of research is determined by the choice of of subtrack by each participant. It is recommended that master students choose a subtrack that is closely related to his/her master program. The research is described in a paper and a presentation should be given at the end of the quarter. More information about the tracks will follow in the upcoming weeks.

International Business (5EC, Q1 2014-2015)

This course discusses the setting of companies operating internationally. The focus lies on global developments which could influence these companies. In addition, differences in the national and international context of the company will be discussed. The course consists of two parts: 1. introduction to the field of International Business together with a look at international organizations and international monetary systems; 2. differences in the context on the macrolevel (e.g. politics). These are the elements you will encounter during your International Project and provides you with the framework which then can be applied in the International Studies Preparation course.

International Studies Preparation (5EC, Q1 2014-2015)

This course aims at preparing students to their International Project before arrival in the destination country. The students will examine the characteristics of the destination country as well as those of the home country. Further, the students will explore those international contexts comparing countries and regions in terms of their current situation coupled with their development. Throughout the course, students are expected to perform research on these topics, write and report results to colleagues and lecturers and review colleagues’ work.

International Study Tour Project (5 EC, Q2 2014-2015)

This course includes the visits to be made during the study tour as well as the resulting reports. The results are compared and combined with the reports made prior to the study, leading to a final study tour report. This report, together with an analysis, concludes study tour variant.