Curriculum options

Whether you are a 2nd year Bachelor student or a 5th year Master student, as long as you are an Inter-Actief member, you can join the study tour and acquire EC. As a participant you are required to follow at least a subset of these courses, even if you don’t wish to apply the study tour in your study program. The minimum required courses are the Theme Course, the International Studies Preparation and the Study Tour Project. These courses are described in more detail in Courses overview. Your curriculum options are explained below.

Bachelor student

As a bachelor student you have two options: follow the minor ‘International Management & Exploration’ or replace your elective courses by the study tour.

Minor ‘International Management & Exploration’

This minor is specifically aimed at students that wish to do a study tour or a foreign internship. The minor consists of all four courses described below and is a fully valid minor choice for every student. For more information, take a look at Make sure that you enroll for the minor on time.

Elective course (INF)

For Bachelor students that have already followed or are planning to follow another minor program, you can  receive up to 10 EC. The bachelor computer science contains several elective courses, which can be filled in by one of the study tour courses.

  • Keuzevak 1, a second year elective course, can be replaced by the ‘International Studies Preparation’ course.
  • Keuzevak 3, a third year elective course, can be replaced by the ‘Theme Course’.

Elective course (BIT)

BIT students have two elective courses in their curriculum. Student may choose to use the ‘International Studies Preparation’ and the ‘Theme Course’ as elective courses.

Master students (HMI, CSC, MTE, BIT)

For master students we will create an approved master course. This approved course is worth 10 EC and can be used in two ways. In both cases you should always discuss your plans with your programme mentor.

Research topics

In specific cases the study tour can be used as your research topics. This option is recommended if you plan to graduate in a subject closely related to one of the subtracks.

Elective course

This option will award 10 EC and is a combination of the following courses:

  • Theme Course
  • International Studies Preparation
  • International Study Tour Project.

Note that while the three courses are 15 EC combined, they are at a Bachelor level and cannot reward the same amount of EC to master students. The courses can only be used as a combined course and not separately.