Company Corner

In the Company Corner you can find information about companies and possible graduation projects or job opportunities.


    • 05 Nov Thu

      Inter-Actief room temporarily closed

      Because of the new Corona measures the Inter-Actief room is closed for all members for the next two weeks.

    • 09 Oct Fri

      Master Open day: Looking for students

      On November 12, the open day for prospective master students will take place. The university is looking for people who are willing to help out organizing this day.

    • 07 Sep Mon

      Corona Measures

      The university is gradually opening more for on campus education, but it is very important we adhere to the measures against the corona virus.

    Education news

    • 04 Jan Mon

      Committee for Education Evaluation Panels

      The OEC has organized panel meetings to assess the quality of education. As the main language for BIT and TCS is changed to English the OEC is renamed into CEEP.

    • 17 Dec Thu

      Q&A session for the TCS programme

      Wednesday the 6th of January a Question & Answer session will take place for the TCS students, the programme director and the programme management will answer your question.

    • 30 Nov Mon

      Give your input on exams and evening lectures!

      The University is looking at ways to reduce group sizes during exams, however this comes with some caveats. Give your opinion on the matter!