• 05 Nov Thu

      Inter-Actief room temporarily closed

      Because of the new Corona measures the Inter-Actief room is currently closed.

    • 26 Feb Fri

      Kick-IT 2021 formed

      The Kick-IT committee for 2021 has been formed. Together, they will organise the faculty part of the Kick-In.

    • 09 Oct Fri

      Master Open day: Looking for students

      On November 12, the open day for prospective master students will take place. The university is looking for people who are willing to help out organizing this day.

    Education news

    • 25 Feb Thu

      Inter-Actief Decentralized Educational Awards

      Vote now for the lecturer you think deserves who you think deserves to win the Inter-Actief Decentralized Educational Award!

    • 19 Feb Fri

      Not 1 but 2 Educational Bouquets

      There are two winners of the educational bouquet of module 2: Dr. Wallace Ugulino, and Dr. Kevin Macnish.

    • 02 Feb Tue

      National Student Survey

      The National Student Survey is open again this year! Fill in your experiences about your study and help the university maintain the quality of our studies!