Alumni Association ENIAC

ENIAC is the alumni association for the bachelor programs Technical Computer Science and Business Information Technology and the related master programs at the University of Twente. The association has the mission to stimulate the contacts between alumni and with the faculty of EEMCS. Therefore, ENIAC regularly organises meet-ups and events, which is a great way to keep in touch with your former study mates!

Collaboration Inter-Actief
ENIAC and Inter-Actief have a close collaboration. This means, that while you're a member of Inter-Actief, you are welcome to visit all activities of ENIAC, and conversely, members of ENIAC are welcomed at all of Inter-Actief's activities. 

Thesis Award
To commemorate the best graduation thesis, ENIAC yearly awards the Thesis Award to the student that has written the highest quality thesis. The award consists of a sum of 500 euros and an artwork. Theses can be nominated by the chairs of the faculty.

Graduation Speeddate
It is sometimes hard to get in touch with companies to graduate externally. To ease the process, ENIAC organises the graduation speeddate. It works exactly like a 'real' speeddate, but in stead of looking for a romantic match, both parties look for the best candidate. This way, yearly several students find their way to the best graduation spot possible, and some even find their first employer!

You can learn more about all of ENIAC's activities through the websites of Inter-Actief and ENIAC.

Become a member
You can become a member of ENIAC when you have a completed bachelor's or master's in Computer Science, Telematics or Business & IT. This means tat we also welcome graduated bachelors! For only €5,-, you're a member of ENIAC, and the first year is free. Members receive several benefits, including the I/O Vivat on their doormat and access to all activities. You can find the membership form on the website