About the association Inter-Actief

What is Inter-Actief?

I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief is the study association for the studies Technical Computer Science, Business Information Technology and the corresponding masters at the University of Twente. Inter-Actief was founded on the 12th of March 1981 and has approximately 1400 members, making her the largest ICT-study association in the Netherlands.

What is the purpose of a study association?

A study association is targeted at students from a specific study and supports their members in their study. Besides that, a study association facilitates several services to make student life more pleasant. You can always come to Inter-Actief for study-related complaints or other problems, where Inter-Actief will try to support you as much as possible. We also keep you informed of what is happening at the study itself.

Next to all study-related aspects Inter-Actief also facilitates a lot of fun. We have weekly drinks starting Tuesday afternoon and occasionally parties. Besides that, we host activities such as lasergaming, karting, poker evenings, alive Monopoly and lots more. During these activities, you will get to know your fellow students which you normally wouldn't get to meet.

To stay informed about all that happens at the association and the study we use several forms of communication. Most information can be found on the website, we have weekly mailings and sometimes even texts to inform you about our activities. Besides that Inter-Actief publishes a scientific magazine four times a year. Next to the daily activities Inter-Actief organises several trips. Each year Inter-Actief goes on a skiing trip. With a bunch of fellow students, we enjoy the snow for a full week for a student fee.
We also visit a big European city once a year for a long weekend, here we visit a local university and is enough time to explore the city itself. Examples of cities we visited are Berlin and Paris.
Our largest journey is the study tour. Every two years a group of around thirty students accompanied by several lecturers travel to an interesting country, linked to a specific ICT theme.

Of course, all these activities are organised by people. This is all done by active members of Inter-Actief. Here they learn to develop skills outside of the study programme, which is all highly appreciated by companies which give you better opportunities on the job market. The most important aspect of committees though is just having fun together in organising the activity. This of course has to be coordinated, which is the board's duty. Together with our active members, we keep our entire association running.