10 Jul Wed
I/O Vivat 39.2 »

A new edition of the I/O Vivat has just been published and can be found here!

If these articles are interesting to you, consider checking out the website ioviv.at. You can even subscribe, so new editions get dropped directly on your digital doorstep!

01 Jul Mon
The new Symposium committee »

Today, the new Symposium Committee has been formed! We proudly present the five members who will organise next year's Symposium!


  • GustavAlexander Chong - Chairman & Promotion
  • Sander Timmer - Secretary & Speakers
  • Erjan Steenbergen - Treasurer
  • Jeske van Hijum - External Affairs & Website
  • Pepijn Meijer - Logistics

18 Jun Tue
The Programme Committee of Computer Science is looking for a minutes maker »

The Programme Committee of Computer Science is looking for a minutes maker for their meetings.

The meetings are held monthly from September through July, each lasting approximately two hours. Conducted in English, both the meeting and the minutes must be in English. Your attendance is required at every meeting, with the ability to commence in September. These meetings can be attended either online or in person at the University.

If you're interested in this position, please send an email to boz-tcs@utwente.nl

10 Jun Mon
Vote for the UC & FC this week! »

You can cast your vote for the university council and faculty council this week and vote for our members!

There are elections for the students of the University Council (UC) and the EEMCS Faculty Council (FC) this week. These councils give input from students' perspectives into policy matters of the University and the EEMCS faculty, respectively. By voting, you choose who represents your interests in both councils. Make your voice count!

Inter-Actief is happy to see a number of students from our studies on the list for both the University and the Faculty Council! Consider giving a vote to these students:

University Council:

  • Oliver Davies (#1, EEMCS)
  • Daniël Jonker (#15, EEMCS)

EEMCS Faculty Council:

  • Anamaria Ceban (#1, TCS)
  • Daniël Jonker (#4, TCS)
  • Lars Kruitwagen (#8, TCS)
  • Joris Kuiper (#11, TCS)

For more information, you can check out UReka's website

05 Jun Wed
UT Education Week »

A week packed with sessions such as the Teacher of the Year Award 2024, the Brinksma Innovation Grant ceremony and dealing with free-riding students, sign up now!

The UT Education Week 2024 is just about one week away. We are excited now to share the full breakdown of sessions ,times and locations. See when you can check out the sessions of your interest (or simply check this timetable).


04 Jun Tue
[SysCom] Scheduled Maintenance on June 16th »

The system administration committee will perform scheduled maintenance on Sunday June 16th 2024. Expect Inter-Actief's websites and services to be offline.

The maintenance window is from 10:00 until 18:00.

30 May Thu
Committee for SNiC 2025 has been formed »

A new committee from Inter-Actief has been formed with the task of organizing the National Informatics Conference (SNiC) in November 2025.


The committee members and their functions are:

  • Matthias Wentink - Chairman & PR
  • Danil Aliforenko - Treasurer
  • Dilan van Oosten - Logistics
  • Mariska Frelier - External Affairs
  • Arda Koç - External Affairs
  • Hayel Akel - Speakers
  • Bram Rutgers - Speakers

The theme for their edition of SNiC will be announced during SNiC: SustainabilIT on November 27th this year. They are looking forward to organizing a wonderful conference.

21 May Tue
New Dinner-Options »

Since last Friday, we have a new agreement with Oh My Grill! This agreement has allowed us to significantly expand our selection, including kapsalon!

The full assortment now includes the following burgers: Carnage Nacho, Storm BBQ, Captain America, Daredevil, Deadpool, Spiderman, Black Widow, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Thor, Thanos, Venom, The Chandero, Gambit joppie, Loki, Cyclops, and the Star-Lord Saté.

The following pizzas: Margherita, Margherita Special, Salami, Vesuvio, Prosciutto, Funghi, Funghi Spicy, Vulcano, Pepperoni, Inferno, and the Gorgonzola.

And as icing on the cake, we proudly present that you can now also order a small, large, and XL kapsalon! These cost €10, €11.50, and €13.50 respectively.

Unfortunately there is also some bad news, because of inflation Oh My Grill had to raise its prices, which we unfortunately have to go along with. Therefore, the burgers will now cost €9,- and the pizzas €10,- (with the exception of the pizza margherita, which will now cost €9,50).

13 May Mon
EEMCS is looking for a new student assessor »

Do you want to defend the interests of all students of the faculty for one year? Apply for the position of student assessor at our faculty!

Do you want to defend the interests of all students of the faculty for one year? Do you want to gain experience in management and governance and learn about the ins and outs of the faculty and the university? Do you want to build up a professional network, both inside and outside of the faculty? Apply for the position of student assessor at our faculty!

The faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS) is looking for a new student assessor (student member) as of September 1, 2024, to be part of the faculty board. The faculty board consists of the dean, the portfolio holders Education, Research and Operations, and the student assessor.

An elaborate description of the position can be found here. For more information or questions you can contact the current student assessor, Gergana Georgieva

Send your CV and accompanying letter of motivation to the student members of the EEMCS faculty council via facultycouncil-eemcs@utwente.nl no later than June 3, 2024. The student members of the faculty council will nominate suitable candidates. The faculty board selects the new student assessor in June and asks the Executive Board of the UT to appoint the assessor.

16 Apr Tue
The candidate board for 2024/2025 has been announced! »

The candidate board for 2024/2025 has been announced!

The following people want to succeed the current board from September:

  • Chairman - Thijs Krosman
  • Secretary - Jack 't Jong
  • Treasurer - Jarek Wiedemeijer
  • Officer of Educational Affairs & Officer of Internal Affairs - Daniël van Andel
  • Officer of External Affairs - Anne van Esch

You can reach them at cb2425@inter-actief.net.


f.l.t.r. Daniel, Jack, Thijs, Jarek, Anne

15 Apr Mon
Ideaal! is looking for puzzles! »

W.S.G. Abacus, the UT mathematical study association, is making a puzzle booklet for all math and computer science students of the Netherlands, and would like your help!

For this, they need some puzzles to be put in this puzzle booklet, and would like to receive your help in making some of these puzzles. If you are willing to help out with this project, feel free to send your puzzles to secretary@inter-actief.net before the 5th of May!

05 Apr Fri
Winners of the IDEA »

Last week already, Rom Langerak and Wallace Corbo Ugulino have won the IDEA!

Last week already, Rom Langerak and Wallace Corbo Ugulino have won the IDEA! The IDEA is the Decentral Educational Award for Inter-Actief! It means that these are the two best teachers of Inter-Actief! A voting round was done to elect six teachers in total; three for BIT and three for (T)CS! After that, a voting was done on the elected teachers. The elected teachers were:

(T)CS: Tom van Dijk, Rom Langerak, Doina Bucur

BIT: Martijn koot, Wallace Corbo Ugulino, Patricia Rogetzer

Then, during the drink on the 26th of March, Rom and Wallace were voted as best teachers!

We would like to thank everyone on their efforts into improving the quality of education!

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