(Graduation) drink

By obtaining your diploma, you have achieved a feat that calls for a celebratory drink. That is why you can always rely on Inter-Actief to facilitate this event. We offer the option to rent the Abscint or MBasement, including bartenders and ERO’s. On this page, you will read how, together, we can make this event a great success.

For a graduation drink, Inter-Actief charges a standard fee for renting the drinking rooms. In addition to that, the volunteers working at the drink receive a standard volunteer compensation. These volunteers logically include bartenders, but, next to that we are also required to have one ERO present for every 50 attendees with an exception if the total amount of attendees drops below 20. If the drink takes place around dinner time, we charge a meal compensation for these volunteers unless you allow them to join the dinner arranged with the drink. Be aware, we do not facilitate dinner ourselves.

Furthermore, Inter-Actief offers an extensive collection of drinks to ensure your guests have a pleasant evening. The standard options for a graduation party are cola, fanta, and beer, with the cola and fanta being charged per opened bottle and the beer being charged by consumption per tenth of a liter. Additionally, you can choose to include more soft drinks (such as ice tea, tonic, radler 0.0, radler 2.0, etc.) or a craft beer. The standard craft beer offered is Grolsch Weizen, but you can email drinks@inter-actief.net for information on other current craft beers. You can choose to serve these beers all night or set a maximum amount (such as one or two kegs). Our goal is to leave you as satisfied as possible, so if you are a fan of a particular special beer that we do not offer at the moment, let us know, and we will make sure it iss served. In addition to drinks, we also offer to serve cocktail nuts throughout the drink.

To facilitate possible presentations, karaoke, or other memorable activities, we always provide a working sound system, microphone set, and projector set in the room. You can even plug in your own HDMI to make the whole night yours. This means that any good ideas are always welcome. If you would like to see something happen that is not mentioned, please include it in your email to drinks@inter-actief.net.

If you are interested in this idea, please send an email to drinks@inter-actief.net. This email address can be used to arrange the current prices and other matters. They will reserve the space for you and take care of the work.