On this page you will find presentations given by speakers during lunch lectures and symposia.

The presentations containing info of the masters BIT, CSC and TEL (23/24-03-2015) can also be found here.

Please note that older presentations may be in Dutch.

Master information

23-03-2015: BIT Business Information Technology
24-03-2015: CSC Cyber Security
24-03-2015: TEL Telematics Docent
24-03-2015: TEL Telematics PhD
24-03-2015: CSC Wireless and Sensor Systems
24-03-2015: CSC Methods and Tools for Verification
24-03-2015: CSC Information and Software Engineering
24-03-2015: CSC Data Science and Smart Services Flyer
24-03-2015: CSC Software Technology

Lunch lectures

23-05-2017: Lunch lecture Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering
04-04-2017: Lunch lecture Twitter cancer awareness
04-04-2017: Lunch lecture Twitter cancer awareness (paper)
26-05-2015: Studentendecaan: Leenstelsel
25-11-2014: EY
10-06-2014: TASS: Internet of Things
29-04-2014: Bearingpoint Caribbean
11-03-2014: De SuperStudent
11-02-2014: Q42: Meteor
04-02-2014: Incentro: Enterprise Information Management
17-10-2013: Lichaamstaal: Mensen lezen aan de hand van hun onbewuste gebaren en houdingen
15-10-2013: OVSoftware
27-03-2012: Microsoft
25-10-2012: PwC

Symposium SimulatIT 2014

Francesco Giartosio - GlassUp
Anton Nijholt - HMI
Rick Storcken - Cybermind
Andries van Vugt - Organiq
Johnny Søraker
Gijsbert dos Santos - Re-Lion

Symposium /Care 2012

Topicus Healthcare
KPMG - Stan Aldenhoven
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - Henk Sol