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Date Activities Enrollment
24-sep (Fri) Dutch-only FriAD
27-sep (Mon) Dutch-only House lunch Green
28-sep (Tue) Dutch-only New harvest celebration

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28-sep (Tue) Dutch-only Food at New Harvest Celebration

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29-sep (Wed) Dutch-only Committee Market
29-sep (Wed) Dutch-only Laser tag and pool @Tapperij

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30-sep (Thu) Dutch-only Study Evening
01-oct (Fri) Dutch-only Second-Year Intro weekend
04-oct (Mon) Dutch-only House Lunch Pink 2nd Years
06-oct (Wed) Dutch-only Bob Ross painting

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09-oct (Sat) Dutch-only BetterBe TAPC - Twents Algorithm Programming Contest 2021
13-oct (Wed) Dutch-only ENIAC final project speed date
19-oct (Tue) Dutch-only Constitution Drink of the 43rd Board of I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief
05-nov (Fri) Dutch-only ENIAC: Regional Drink Leiden
16-nov (Tue) Dutch-only Almanac Viral

Past activities

Date Activities Photos
16-sep Dutch-only House lunch Blue
17-sep Dutch-only FriAD Scintilla
19-sep Dutch-only [ENIAC] Family outing to Burgers Zoo
20-sep Dutch-only House lunch Red
21-sep Dutch-only Lunch lecture Xsens
21-sep Dutch-only Out of your Bubble Drink
22-sep Dutch-only House lunch Yellow
22-sep Dutch-only Freshmen Bowling
23-sep Dutch-only House lunch Orange
23-sep Dutch-only Study Evening