Not everything can go smoothly, sometimes there is a course that you are struggling with and some help would be appreciated. Inter-Actief can help you with this, as we offer tutoring for our members. Just send a mail to tutoring@inter-actief.net and we will try to set you up with a tutor. There are some guidelines to make sure this process will go smoothly, these can be found below:

This page describes some guidelines regarding tutoring. It mentions three parties; the student (the student who needs tutoring), the tutor (the student who gives the extra class) and Inter-Actief (the study association I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief). This document only contains guidelines and deviations can be made if necessary and in consideration with all parties.

If a student is struggling with a course (s)he can come to Inter-Actief for help and Inter-Actief will try to connect the student with a tutor. This tutor will be an older student who already passed the students’ course and who is deemed qualified to teach that course. Once Inter-Actief has found a tutor, Inter-Actief will send both the tutor and the student an email stating that they have been matched together. After this mail the student and the tutor can decide when and where they will have their first extra class.

Inter-Actief will not have any input regarding the discussion concerning the payment of the tutor. Inter-Actief does advise the price to be between €10 and €15 an hour.

It is possible for a student to find a fellow student (or more) who also struggles with the same course. This group of students can find a tutor together who can give them an extra class at the same time.

If there is any complaint from the student or the tutor, (s)he can come to Inter-Actief. Inter-Actief will try to resolve the complaint and work something out between all parties. Inter-Actief wants to offer this service to all its members, however can not guarantee results and is not liable in any way.