Previous bouquets

2 March 2023 - Tom van Dijk

In the second module of the year the educational boucake was awarded to dr. Tom van Dijk!

Students found his hands-on teaching approach and general enthousiasm during Software Systems reasons enough to nominate him for the boucake.

The educational bouCAKE for dr. van Dijk

16 December 2022 - Wallace Corbo Ugulino

In the first module the education boucake went to dr. Wallace Corbo Ugulino!

The enthousiasm he showed when teaching Introduction to Computer Science and his care for the student's achievements and learning progress are one of the many reasons he was nominated for the boucake.

He dedicated the cake to the TA's of module 1.

The educational bouCAKE for dr. Corbo Ugulino

6 April 2022 - Tom van Dijk

In this third module the educational bouquet went to dr. Tom van Dijk!

His way of adapting to the many first-year students and the corona times has been complimented by many students. Not only his solutions to these problems but his availability to students and openness for feedback.

No surprise thus that Tom requested the cake at a moment that he could share this cake with his colleagues!

De onderwijsbouCAKE voor dr. van Dijk

27 January 2022 - Andreas Peter

Last module the educational bouquet went to prof. dr. Andreas Peter!

Sadly, he has left our university but not without getting a thank you from our students for his contributions to their studies. He was an essential part of the cybersecurity theme at our university; from the first module, where he introduced the domain of cybersecurity, to his efforts as coordinator of the cybersecurity master specialization. He was not only guiding and helping all the teachers but also personally helping every student to put together their program for the master and he is known among students for his fast replies. Next to coordinating the cybersecurity program, he also gave the very highly rated master course on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and guided many graduate students during their master thesis projects.

Andreas response (which goes together with the photo that I attached):

Thank you so much for the nice gifts! I feel honored for receiving the educational bouquet. I very much enjoyed my role as program mentor for the cybersecurity education in Twente and giving several cybersecurity courses to so many of you. I particularly liked the close contacts and interactions with you, which I miss, now that I have left the UT. But I will certainly stay in contact with the UT! For the time being, I am building up my new security research group with an associated education program at the University of Oldenburg in Germany. BTW: I do have open PhD positions; so send me an e-mail if you’re interested … ;)

De onderwijsbouCAKE voor dr. Peter

5 May 2021 - Maarten Everts

After the third module of the year, there were again plenty of votes for lecturers who, according to you, should win the educational bouquet (or cake in this case). This time we present the cake to Maarten Everts for his Master's course: Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.

Congratulations Maarten!

9 February 2021 - Wallace Ugulino & Kevin Macnish

Module 2 has ended, and you have voted en masse for the teachers you thought deserved the educational bouquet. This time, there is not one, but two winners of the educational bouquet: Dr. Wallace Ugulino for BIT module 2, and Dr. Kevin Macnish for his Computer Ethics master course.

Students have indicated that both teachers worked really well with online teaching and kept in contact with the students to help them where needed.

De educational bouCAKE for dr. Ugulino

19 January 2021 - Edwin Dertien

This year our first educational bouquet (or actually educational bouCAKE) has been awarded to dr. Edwin Dertien. Dr. Dertien has been nominated the most for the educational bouquet of the first quartile. The students have his lectures have been very clear, well edited and of high quality. Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately we were not able to hand over the bouquet in person, but the Education Committee has come up with a nice alternative!

The educational bouCAKE for dr. Dertien

5 July 2019 - Klaas Sikkel

Unfortunatly, Klaas Sikkel is saying goodbye to enjoy his retirement. Klaas was responsible for the course Software Design in the Software Systems module and the module coordinator of the module Data & Information. Klaas was loved by loved by many students due to his enthousiasm, thoughtfulness, openness, and punctuality regard e-mail traffic. Because a single bouquet just isn't enough to cover the appreciation of all students, the Education Committee made a book available in which every student could write words of appreciation individually. The book and bouquet were handed over on the 5th of July at the Fat Friends of Grolsch Levend VI.

Klaas Sikkel receives the educational bouquet Klaas Sikkel receives the book

17 May 2019 - Rom Langerak

Rom is responsible for the course Algorithms & Data Structures (ADS) and part of the tutorials of Abstract Algebra in Module 7 of TCS: Discrete Structures & Efficient Algorithms.

Rom is the reason that many students kicked themselves out of bed for ADS lectures and dragged themselves to the Algebra tutorials. Hij presents the topics in a light way and knows how to make the topics easily approachable for students. This way he keeps students motivated. This way of teaching is acknowledged by the students via the education bouquet!

Rom Langerak receives the educational bouquet

29 November 2019 - Andreas Peter

Andreas Peter is, amongst other courses, responsible for the Cryptography Pearl in the Pearls of Computer Science module. Students find his lectures entertaining and are regarded as most engaging by the first-year students. He gave more freedom without compromising quality and thought about more than just conveying the material. In addition, he thought about how to introduce students to the different university approach to responsibilities. Students seem to appreciate the extra time he put into explaining things outside of the lectures. All this effort is acknowledged by the students via the education bouquet!

Andreas Peter ontvangt onderwijsbloemetje

23 April 2018 - Maurice van Keulen

Maurice van Keulen is responsible for the master course Data Science. Although being a busy with these responsibilities, he managed to help with the problems of over a hunderd students over the duration of the course. This help is acknowledged by the students via the education bouquet!

Maurice van Keulen ontvangt onderwijsbloemetje

16 January 2018 - Geert Heijenk

The Bachelor programme Technical Computer Science has been rated as a Top Rated Programme! Therefore we would like to thank the programme director Geert Heijenk and of course all the staff that have contributed to this achievement.

Geert Heijenk receives an education bouquet

Geert Heijenk receives an education bouquet

21 December 2017 - Pieter-Tjerk de Boer

Pieter-Tjerk de Boer was responsible for the pearl Computer Networks and Operating Systems of BIT MOD1 (Introduction to BIT) and TCS MOD1 (Pearls of Computer Science). There, he has given pleasant lectures and especially his friendly approach was liked by students.

Pieter-Tjerk de Boer receives his education bouquet

21 November 2017 - André Kokkeler

André Kokkeler has been highly helpful in setting up Inter-Actief's C course for the course Operating Systems. Arrangements had to be made in a very short notice, but André had an active attitude to help out because he really values study convenience for his students.

André Kokkeler receives his education bouquet

4 July 2017 - Brandt van der Gaast

Brandt van der Gaast receives an educational bouquet for the large efforts made for the reflection components of the BIT and TCS graduation semesters. He gives elaborate and quick feedback to students, and he is open for input!

Educational bouquet for Brandt van der Gaast

25 april 2017 - BITOC

The students of the BITOC (program committee of Business & IT) received a education bouquet for the effort which they have put into the BITOC. They give great feedback to make sure the education of BIT will stay on its level! Education bouquet for the students of the BITOC

7 July 2016 - Hans Romkema

Hans Romkema is responsible for the quality assurance of our education program. He receives an Education Bouquet for the effort he has put in keeping the quality of our education high! Education Bouquet for Hans Romkema

25 February 2016 - Mariët Theune

The education bouquet of the second quartile has been given to Mariët Theune in in 2015-2016, she is the coordinator of the sixth module for TCS and BIT. She has given it her all to organize the module by listening to all the received feedback and improving the module along the way!

Of course it is convenient if a module is going smoothly. However if it doesn't, it is extremely important to be open to receive feedback and act accordingly to improve the module the next time it is around. With this education bouquet, we would like to thank Mariët Theune for all her hard work this module.

Education bouquet for Mariet Theune

21 October 2015 - Bodo Manthey

Bodo Manthey is extremely dedicated in his course and the student attending his course. He is always happy to provide student some extra explanation when this is necessary. We would like to thank him for his sheer dedication.

Bodo Manthey receives his education bouquet

30 June 2015 - Cornelis ten Napel

Cornelis ten Napel has committed himself extremely for this BIT students this academic year. Inter-Actief has received a lot of compliments about his work in the past year. He has helped the student in every way he possibly could and he has succeeded in helping the last students before TOM to get all their credits.

Cornelis ten Napel receives his education bouquet

11 December 2014 - Céline Heijnen

Céline Heijnen, the study coordinator of BIT and TCS, has received the education bouquet! She has succeeded in providing extra elective modules at the last thinkable moment!

Céline receives her education bouquet

17 September 2014 - Rom Langerak

During the first lecture of Calculus II of the last year before TOM the education bouquet has been given to Rom Langerak.

Rom receives the education bouquet

7 July 2014 - Modulecoördinatoren

All module coordinators have been thanked for their commitment at the end of quartile 4!

The education bouquet for every module coordinator of first year TOM

2 December 2013 - Philip Hölzenspies

Philip Hölzenspies regularly organizes meetings for Functional Programming for enthusiastic student. Hereby we would like to thank him!

Hölzenspies receives his education bouquet

5 June 2013 - Maarten Fokkinga

Maarten Fokkinga is giving a lot of courses already, such as 'Databases', 'Advanced Database Systems' and 'Distributed Data Processing, MapReduce'. However, he is also working at the department of Databases. He will also retire at the and of this year. This way we would like to thank him for his commitment all these years.

Fokking receives his education bouquet

28 June 2011 - Marieke Huisman

Marieke has always been very enthusiastic to tackle education related affairs and to push innovation in order to improve education.

Marieke receives her education bouquet

16 December 2010 - Maria Iacob

As teacher of multiple BIT master courses, Maria Iacob has succeeded in given great lectures with great enthusiasm.

21 April 2010 - Jan Willem Polderman

Polderman has organized the first part of Algebra & Security and his lectures very well. Therefore, we would like to thank him.

Polderman receives his education bouquet

25 October 2010 - Pieter-Tjerk

Pieter-Tjerk has received his education bouquet, because of his dedication to help his student out during the exam week by organizing helpful meetings.

Pieter-Tjerk receives his education bouquet

12 February2010 - Theo Ruys

12 February, was the last working day of Theo Ruys before leaving the university. Theo has been teaching 'ADC', 'MACS' and 'Compiler Construction' for more than 15 years to TCS and IST students.

1 October 2009 - Mark Timmer

Timmer received his education bouquet, because of his enthusiastic commitment during his lectures. He has also offered extra guidance to students that needed it without hesitation.

18 November 2009 - Harry Aarts

Aarts has committed himself to a large extent to provide extra possibilities for students to pass their exams for Calculus II after that he remarked that the planning of this course had been very troublesome during the first quartile.

7 August 2009 - Marc Uetz

Uetz has dedicated himself to renew the course of 'Discrete Mathematics 2'. Due to this, the grades have been improved by 1,4 points on average! We think that this improvement needs to be remarked and therefore, we would like to thank Uetz.

Uetz receives his education bouquet

25 May 2009 - Christiaan Katsma

Katsma received his education bouquet, because he has been very flexible during the BIT course 'Implementation of IT in organizations'. When he received feedback of the students that they wanted a lecture before they had their tutorials, he immediately planned an extra lecture to provide more explanation.