Lunch Lecture BetterBe

BetterBe is the biggest and leading technological SAAS-Platform provider for the European top 10 Automotive-Lease companies. From 3 datacentres in Twente the BetterBe Lease Services Platform delivers complex financial services in 20 countries within Europe on its own hardware.

Theo Balijon (Business Continuity Officer and responsible for everything with a cable) is going to explain why BetterBe has developed a 3DC-stretched datacentre "designed for failure" architecture and how this was built technically. Why BetterBe still invests in its own software, where standardization and "Smart Livecycle Management" is essential. The necessary do's and don'ts which are the reason that Theo and his colleagues can spend Christmas and New Year at home with their families. Love "Bahama Management" en yet, with a small team, realized a unique High-Performance-Compute private Cloud-Platform with over 300 physical systems during the past six years, with in total 67 seconds of (planned) disruptions and an absolute service availability of 99,99998% percent.

Who, what, where, when...

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Lunch Lecture BetterBe
RA 1501
Tuesday 12 March 2019 from 12:45 until 13:30 iCal-link