Committee Market

Inter-Actief has a lot to offer in activism; we have a lot of committees and activities and therefore a lot of opportunities to develop yourself on multiple levels. Join the committee market for a free lunch and to see whether we have something for you!

Student activism is above all, fun! By becoming active you develop yourself on a social level and allows you to interact with all kinds of different people. Not only that, you also develop several skills that you won’t necessarily learn during your studies, like working in teams, making decisions and dealing with responsibilities. Additionally, student activism is highly valued in many businesses! The biggest advantage of student activism is on the UT is that besides learning a lot, you and your fellow board and/or committee members hold some actual influence within the association or organisation you’re a part of.

Activism at Inter-Actief

As an association we think it’s amazing if you want to become active! All activities are organised by our active members, after all. To stimulate activism and thank the active members for the work they invest in our association, there are several things we arrange for them.

All of Inter-Actief’s committees get the opportunity to buy committee clothing. Inter-Actief will compensate a part of the price of the clothing for each committee member.

Activism is more fun when you work together with people you have a good relationship with. To stimulate this, and of course because it’s fun, each committee has the opportunity to go on a day out each year. Per committee member, Inter-Actief will compensate € 15,- of the costs of the day out. On top of the clothing and day out, the board of the association organises two great events, specifically for active members. These activities are the “Active members thank you dinner”, where the board will be preparing a meal for you. Guaranteed success! Furthermore, an “Active members weekend” is organised each year by the board, where we party for an entire weekend on a location especially hired entirely for the active members.

Finally, there’s the active members gift. Each year, the board will arrange a gift for all active members, decorated with a beautiful blue logo. The past few years we’ve had personalised mugs, thermos, toiletry and hip flasks. Who knows what’s next...!

Who, what, where, when...

Committee Market
Abscint & MBasement
Wednesday 27 February 2019 from 12:30 until 13:45 iCal-link