BoA: Alten Pubquiz

After you have all enjoyed one of the fanciest drinks, it is now time to go back to the standard student drink: Beer! For this second activity, a company has decided to sponsor one keg of this golden deliciousness. The company that we are talking about is Alten. Alten has not only sponsored us, but they have also organized a pubquiz. So you can challenge your trivial knowledge and enjoy some cold ones with your mates! The drink will start at 18.00 and the pubquiz will start around 19.00 after dinner. For dinner, there will be burgers from BurgerMe and of course, you will have the chance to talk to the people from Alten.

So sign up and we will see you there!

Unfortunately, you cannot enroll for this activity anymore, as the enrollment period has ended.

Who, what, where, when...

Bit of Action
BoA: Alten Pubquiz
Wednesday 27 November 2019 from 18:00 until 22:00 iCal-link