Lunch lecture BetterBe

Stop breaking things! Testing an application based on an ever-changing API

BetterBe supplies a highly configurable API to it's clients, that allows for dynamically defined inputs and an output based on customer programmable calculations. The management application for the API, LSM, functions as a generic user interface on all customer environments. For each version of the software, we need to ensure that it is functioning correctly, but also that it's compatible with the API, with the customer's code and with all current configurations. This is a talk about the difficulties we encounter when testing the management application LSM, the solutions we employ and an invitation to discuss opportunities for improvement.

BetterBe combines its native internet technology-based DNA with true knowledge of the complex automotive leasing businesses and the typical challenges that come with executing online strategies for this type of business.

45 passionate professionals conduct their internet craftmanship every day to do just that: deliver world class internet services that truly improve automotive leasing. Through our ever expanding API based SaaS solution we provide our customers with the tools needed for their next disruptive step to create additional business value.

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Lunch lecture BetterBe
Tuesday 10 December 2019 from 12:45 until 13:30 iCal-link