[Freshmen] EEMCS Freshmen Activity

The university offers many more studies besides TCS and BIT, so the people you watch lectures with every day are far from the only first-year students around. To get to know the first-year students from our faculty, you can join this activity! There will be multiple rounds of small crazy 88's where you will be put in a group with freshmen from Abacus, Atlantis, Inter-Actief, Proto, and Scintilla and you can do fun challenges. There are even amazing prizes for the winners!

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The activity will take place in the EEMCS discord and if you are not in this discord yet, you can join via this link.

Who, what, where, when...

EEMCS Freshmen Activity
[Freshmen] EEMCS Freshmen Activity
EEMCS discord
Friday 16 April 2021 from 20:00 until 23:00 iCal-link