Lunch lecture BaseTide B.V.: Database Performance and Design

BaseTide B.V. is a database consultant, helping developers build applications which work with large amounts of data and solve the problems encountered with them. Working with various database systems, they also support Business Intelligence Teams, talk with the direction of customers about data management, and often work directly with the operational system administrator to solve their problems.

Robert Blok, director at BaseTide will come to Carré 3C next Tuesday from 12:45 to 13:30 to present a few real life cases they have encountered during their companies' existence. Going through the analysis, root causes, and solutions they have found, he will tell you more about how to find and solve database problems and even design a proper database avoiding them entirely.

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Committee for Lectures and Excursions
Lunch lecture BaseTide B.V.: Database Performance and Design
Carré 3C
Tuesday 17 May 2022 from 12:45 until 13:30 iCal-link