Lunch Lecture Realised

The current energy crisis is going to impact you sooner rather than later. But luckily, reducing our energy consumption has an added benefit, mitigating climate change. In this talk, we dive into the subject and we discuss our role in developing software and advising organisations, and your potential role as a student, in battling these crises. Diederik Bakker, graduated MSc student Cyber Security, and Nando Tolboom, PhD candidate at the Energy, Materials and Systems research group, started Realised in 2019. We’d like to tell you the story of Realised and what it’s like to build a start-up during your studies. We believe that being transparent as an organisation goes a long way in battling the energy and climate crisis, which is very much reflected in what we do for customers and the software we develop. We’d like to show you how we are doing that. We will talk about how (not) to develop sustainable software. What is necessary to make digital applications and the internet carbon and energy neutral, and in what way can you positively influence this process? And finally, we look at your direct environment: the University of Twente and you as a student. What is the university doing to become carbon and energy neutral, and how do we help them in this process? And what can you do to make your student house more sustainable and reduce energy consumption?

Who, what, where, when...

Committee for Lectures and Excursions
Lunch Lecture Realised
RA 1501
Tuesday 20 September 2022 from 12:45 until 13:30 iCal-link