Theme Drink Committee

The DipsomanIA, or Theme Drink Committee for short.

We organise fantastic theme drinks as the Wall Street Drink, the Wizard Staff Drink, and the Minecraft Drink.

In the DipsomanIA, you can unleash your creativity and organise epic theme drinks or come up with great possible themes during the frequent and amazing brainstorms!

Current committee
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7 years, 6 months ago

    Members (10)

    • Bram van Dartel Vieze Bram
    • Bram Denkers SecretaarBram
    • Denise den Hartog Chairgender
    • Michael Janssen Grammar Nazi
    • Sieta de Jong Penning7
    • Thijs Könst Commisaris kunsten
    • Robin Kreuger Führzitter
    • Patrick van Oerle Aspirant Niet Lid
    • Rens Oliemans Ikverzinwelwat
    • Jelle van den Wijngaard XL

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