Gaming Committee

It might not surprise you, but some Inter-Actief members are gamers! Especially for them, we have the GameCie. They take care of the best physical and digital game activities throughout the year. They also keep an eye on Discord and make sure all game servers are running, like the Minecraft server. Does it sound like fun to join that server? Just send an email to the committee!

E-mail address
2 years, 8 months ago

Members (9)

  • Arjan Blankestijn Discord
  • Harry Braam Externe relaties
  • Hans Goor Treasurer
  • Joran Hagen Chairperson
  • Lynn van der Horst Promo
  • Hella Janssen Secretary
  • Niels Rotmensen Candidate board Representative
  • Wouter Suidgeest Board Representative
  • Rutger Witmans Serverfeut

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