Cooking Club

Student life should be cheaper and healthier. The Cooking Club was created with that motto. Instead of ordering your typical burgers and pizza's, they actually give you the chance to each varied and cheap meals at our activities! Interested to know whether there's space for you as a real home chef? Or would you like such an epic meal at the activity you organized? Feel free to send them an email :)

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4 years, 7 months ago

Members (17)

  • Daniël (KB) van Andel Candidate Bord Representative
  • Lars van Arkel Chef
  • Niek Aukes Chef
  • Tim Brands Treasurer
  • Ivo Broekhof Chef
  • Ryan Cooijmans Chef
  • Quirijn Hoenink Chef
  • Hein Huijskes Chef
  • Daniël Jonker Chef
  • Maarten Marcusse Sous-chef
  • Sophie Rijkers Chef
  • Niels Rotmensen Chef de Cuisine
  • Wander Stribos Chef
  • Mathijs Vogelezang Board Representative
  • Naut de Vroome Secretary
  • Jarek Wiedemeijer Chef
  • Ioan - Alexandru Zambori Chef

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