The MedIA consists of a group of members who take photos and videos during Inter-Actief events. They are also responsible for publishing the pictures on the website and creating video compilations. In this committee, one thing people learn is using photo and video editing software.

Currently, for photos, the MedIA has a Canon 6D mark II body, with 3 lenses; 17-40MM F/4.0, 75-300MM F/4-5.6 III, 50MM F/1.8 STM. In addition, there is also a flash (Speedlight SB-600), with multiple types of filters for different conditions. At all times the camera is equipped with multiple batteries and a battery grip and SD-cards up to 256GB so you are never full in terms of photos. Besides this, everything else you need is included in a nice camera bag (such as a charger, filters, extra batteries, SD cards, slings, and much more). Our video camera is a 4k handycam; the Sony FDR-AX53.

The nice thing is, that members of this committee can also use the photo and video camera for their own projects!

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    • Tristan van Beurden Board representative
    • Oliver Davies General Member Video
    • Seif Elblalisy General Member
    • Tieme van Enkhuizen Chairman
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    • Mila Kasteel Secretary
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