Education Committee

The Education Committee (EC) aims to improve the quality of education and to support students. Our core activities include dealing with complaints, maintaining the SummaryWiki and awarding the educational bouquets. Furthermore, we are organising education related activities like lunch lecture, Café Informatica, workshops and the annual Decentralized Educational Award.

Current committee
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19 years, 11 months ago

    Members (10)

    • Anamaria Ceban Chairwoman
    • Tiemen English Advisory Member
    • Berke Guducu General Member
    • Silas Hoevers Advisory member
    • Rosan Maas General Member
    • Mihai-Gabriel Pop Treasurer
    • Niels Rotmensen Board Representative
    • Cherissa Allysha Sewradj General Member
    • Anna Smit Secretary
    • Nikki Zandbergen Advisory Member

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