I/O Vivat editorial committee

The I/O Vivat is the association magazine of Inter-Actief. The editors of this magazine try to fill every issue with interesting populair scientific articles about subjects in the sector of information and communication technology. In addition to the input of our editors, the magazine also regularly shows you the behind the scenes of a company. As a member or alumnus of Inter-Actief, you can find the I/O Vivat in your mailbox twice a year!

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20 years, 10 months ago

Members (10)

  • Niels de Groot Executive Editor
  • Tjalling Hoogendoorn Editor
  • Michael Janssen Board Representative
  • Filip Karkalasev Editor
  • Xanti Luki Lizanzu Editor
  • Florian Mansvelder Editor
  • Sven Mol Editor
  • Emma Sloot Chief Editor
  • Wout Velthuis Candidate Board Representative
  • Jelle van den Wijngaard Editor

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