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About Linden-MX
We understand what IT professionals are looking for in a employer. That's why we offer challenging projects, flexible working conditions, variety, and growth opportunities. Additionally, at Linden-MX, colleagues are friends and we show personal interest in each other. For our customers, Linden-MX is a long-term partner. We know our customers and build long-lasting relationships with them, which includes sharing relevant knowledge and making the best matches. Solutions go beyond just filling a vacancy; they're about long-term solutions that ensure continuity and quality.

Werken bij Linden-MX
Interesting projects and extensive training opportunities form the basis of a successful career in IT. The great advantage of working at a staffing company is the opportunity to gain experience on multiple projects while having the stability of one employer. This allows you to get to know different organizations and technical environments. The perfect conditions to choose the type of project that suits you best. We use our technical knowledge to match you with an assignment that fits you, and then we ensure that you can land softly within the organization. We do this by maintaining close contact with the client and you, so that we can fully support you both technically and personally. We look at your goals together and create a personalized training plan for you. The intensive contact ensures that we build a relationship where we know what we have to offer each other. Growth is central at Linden-MX and we aim to be a partner for our professionals, who know what IT professionals are looking for today. We are happy to grow with you in your career and also offer trajectories where you can take on more responsibilities. Mendix trainees, for example, can grow into roles such as Senior Developer, Lead Consultant or Mendix Trainer.

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For more information, please visit our career page:: or send a WhatsApp message to 0623096943!