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Voortman Steel Group

Voortman Steel Group

Building on success together

Seeing ground-breaking ideas become a reality, it sounds nice but it really does happen at Voortman Steel Machinery, part of the Voortman Steel Group. We make the most innovative machinery and product lines for the steel construction and plate-processing industry for customers around the world. Within our sector we want to be a leading player in the field of automation.

How we work
Driven by technology and focusing on the people behind it: that is how we work at Voortman Steel Machinery. Common sense combined with professionalism predominate in our company. As entrepreneurialism is in our blood, we make decisions fast. Do you have a good idea and does it benefit the customer in any way? Then go ahead and do it!

In-house engineering and software development
From small, relatively simple processing machinery to large complex machine lines: at Voortman we devise, develop and build every machine entirely ourselves. Our engineering department determines to a large extent what new machinery will look like. Our software department ensures that all individual components are controlled and work together. Their day-to-day work consists of designing, developing and testing software.

Developing Innovative software
Behind every machine lurks a software package that we have developed ourselves, VACAM. We work daily on this software platform. We use the most up-to-date technology in the fields of C#, WPF and PLC (TwinCAT). Our build line is made up with Visual Studio, Git and Jenkins. In short: we have the most up-to-date and the best tools at our disposal. This gives us the opportunity to innovate, to make our machinery even more user-friendly and to automate it to an even greater extent.

We offer youngsters the opportunities and support they need to learn the trade. Our traineeship will present you with a fine foundation for your ongoing career. We are a people company where everyone is given the space to develop. At Voortman Steel Group we keep both feet on the ground, with a view to the future.

Visit our website for an overview of our vacancies, internships and graduation assignments!

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